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BELLA AURORA Bella Night Cream Anti-Age 50ml

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Repair and anti-dark spots treatment while you sleep. This refreshing, soft, non-oily balm forms an ultra-light film on your skin so active ingredients can penetrate and work throughout the night on 4 different levels:
· 8h illumination: more luminous skin and anti-dark spots treatment.
· 8h regeneration: reverses the signs of ageing, fatigue and activateans CLOCK genes. Over time, the skin’s circadian clock becomes disrupted, cells start to age and accumulate damage in their DNA and with this come the signs of ageing. Bella contains an innovative tetrapeptide that activates CLOCK genes (”Circadian Locomotor Output Cycles Kaput”) whose role is to adjust the circadian clock of cells and provide them with the energy they need to recover the natural nocturnal cell regeneration process.
· 8h detoxification: protects against daily external aggressions from toxic pollutants (gas, smoke, cigarettes, heavy metals, etc.) and UV rays, so you wake up with relaxed and renewed skin.
· 8h intense repair: reduces wrinkles and expression lines, improves skin elasticity and tone. Intense, long-lasting hydration.
Soothes, reduces irritation and repairs the skin barrier.

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